Deplatformr is born

The HackFS Pygate team chooses a use case for its tech.

The Pygate team was selected as one of the 10 finalists out of the 130 HackFS projects. This past weekend the team held a project meeting to discuss updates and ongoing maintenance of the Python gRPC client for Textile’s Powergate API.

We also decided on the use case we will build for the Appollo hackathon using Pygate. We’ve code-named it Deplatformr. The core concept is to provide a service to move your web2 platform content (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, iCloud Photos, Google Photos) to encrypted web3 storage (i.e. Filecoin). As per the Pygate ethos, the entire technical stack will be built using Python.

The service will replicate and enhance some of the machine learning AI that these platforms offer (e.g. facial recognition, image classification) but in this case, you will be in full ownership of the AI models. They will exist as encrypted content on web3 storage where only you have access to them.

We also intend to combine content from your various platforms and AI models to offer services such as auto-generated albums based on tags, “on this day you posted”, etc..

The eventual goal is to move the entire stack to web3: upload, metadata parsing, ML processing pipeline, storage, retrieval.

Our work for Appollo week 2 entails:

  1. drafting a Lean Business Canvas for Deplatformr.

  2. Launching the website.

  3. Updating Pygate gRPC and Pygate API to handle the Deplatformr requirements

  4. Building a strawman Deplatformr prototype for the Facebook export and upload use case scenario.