Help us test our prototype

Filecoin integration has been completed, we're ready for you to try it out.

This past week the Deplatformr team worked hard on parsing Facebook media from the export zip file back into usable albums. We also used the JSON export to reverse engineer one of the platform’s more redeeming and popular features:

Most importantly we created a minimim viable product for our primary goal: moving your liberated platform data to decentralized storage on Filecoin:

As per the DeepWork methodology adopted within the Apollo program, we are now ready for user testing of our prototype. This won’t take more than 10-15 minutes. We’d love it if you could help us out with this.

We have an online copy of the Deplatformr prototype ready to go with a Filecoin Localnet server. We will do this via a Google Hangout session where you will share your screen while you walk your way through the basic steps of the app. We can accomodate any timezone. Please use our Google Form to sign up for a timeslot that works for you if you are able to help us out. Thank you!