Towards a working prototype

And how the "Social Dilemna" supports our business case

This past week the Deplatformr team worked hard towards creating a working prototype for user testing and feedback.

The prototype now includes detailed instructions on exporting your Facebook data. Most of the work was dedicated to parsing the Facebook JSON file. It has a number of quirks and inefficiencies that slowed us down. Preparing a stock set of Facebook sample data for testing is also time-consuming. We expect to have the working prototype ready next week. In the meanwhile, here is a sneak peak of the user interface:

A business case from Netflix’s The Social Dilemna

Last week, Netflix launched the documentary The Social Dilemna which has already been viewed by millions worldwide. It goes as far as to call social media platforms an “existential threat”.

This makes a pretty strong business case for the Deplatformr concept: liberate your content from cloud platforms and take ownership of their ongoing management via Web3 tools.